Investment strategy

Real Estate

The Company has a long history of advising on international real estate. We advise on the purchase, enhancement, and development of assets in order to maximise potential returns.  Our involvement has spanned most major categories, including residential, commercial, parking, storage facilities, logistics parks, real estate mortgages, mezzanine, and participative loans etc.., and we continue to advise on a highly diversified portfolio across market and usage type.  Additionally, in 2014, the Company actively cooperated in a new concept of apartment hotels initially based in Paris and Brussels under the brand, Goralska Residences, and is currently focused on facilitating the expansion of this new business.

Private Equity

The Company advises and invests in businesses where we believe we have the knowledge and experience to actively enhance their development. This means we have historically focused on the fields of leisure, luxury, technology, pharmaceuticals, mining, and energy. 


The Company advises on a nascent jewellery range under the Goralska brand (in ancient Semitic languages, 'goral' means destiny and in Slavic languages, the suffix 'ska' evokes femininity).  The philosophy behind the designs is based on blending elements of the original culture of where the stones are mined, with a modern and appealing twist.  Each piece embodies a story as well as a penchant for adventure.