Social Responsibility Highlights

Evens Foundation (Philanthropy)

The Company assists the Evens Foundation, a charitable organisation, with the initiation and support of projects which encourage citizens and states to live harmoniously together in a peaceful Europe.  The Foundation promotes respect for diversity, and seeks to encourage the pursuit of the highest ethical standards.

Bridges Ventures (Impact Investments)

The Company is an advisor to this organisation which aspires to address some of the challenges facing society and create a path for sustainable growth through hands-on investment and entrepreneurial talent.  Examples include backing businesses that generate jobs in underserved markets, building environmentally friendly care homes for the elderly, and providing flexible financing for innovative community transport models.

Microworld & Babyloan (Impact Investments)

The Company is an advisor to these newly merged ventures which enable ordinary people to make interest free loans to micro entrepreneurs around the world.   The philosophy behind the concept is that loans are better than donations as a business relationship is formed and both parties are treated as equals, the connection is based upon mutual respect and a desire to do business, and it represents a more dignified way to interact with people, irrespective of their situation.  Furthermore, loans can be recycled over and over, multiplying their effect.  Since the establishment of the 2 platforms, over 40,000 families have received loans across 20 different countries and the repayment rate has been close to 100%.